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Absences for sickness, holidays, field trips, sabbaticals and student vacations will be charged at full rate. For longer periods of absence, parents can give two months’ notice to leave and then reapply to join the waiting list. In exceptional circumstances, parents may write to the Head of Childcare Services.

Parents must give at least two months’ written notice to both Childcare Services and the nursery provider if they wish to leave or reduce their days at nursery. This applies to all settings, including University placements in community nurseries. (Please note that Oxford Montessori Schools require at least a term’s notice.)

If you terminate your employment with the University, you must inform Childcare Services at least two months in advance. If Childcare Services becomes aware of an employee leaving the University who has not already notified them, Childcare Services will write to the parent to inform them that they are no longer eligible for provision and that two months’ notice will be applied. Parents remain liable for full fees throughout the notice period. In exceptional circumstances, please contact the Head of Childcare Services.

Students who wish to either join the waiting list and/or retain a placement whilst suspending their studies must contact Childcare Services to make them aware of this intention.

Ad-hoc/extra nursery sessions are sometimes available within both University and Community nursery placements. Parents who require additional nursery sessions should contact their nursery manager in the first instance.

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