Am I eligible?

You must belong to one of the following groups to be able to apply for a University of Oxford nursery place*:

  • University employees, including joint appointments (but not employees on casual University contracts or employees of other organisations working within University departments);
  • matriculated students;
  • employees of any of the University's Colleges;
  • and employees of Oxford University Innovation.

*academic visitors are not eligible for University childcare, though in exceptional circumstances applications may be considered on a case by case basis.

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The number of days you work or spend studying determines the number of days per week your child can spend in a University of Oxford nursery place.

If you have a FTE contract of 0.80 or above, you will be able to access full-time (5 day) or part time (4 day) childcare at University of Oxford nurseries.

Those with a FTE contract of between 0.55-0.79 are eligible for three days and those with a FTE contract of between 0.35-0.54 are eligible for two days.

Those employed on term time only contracts are able to access nursery provision throughout the year and will be liable for the full, year-round fees.

The University owns a number of nurseries (University nurseries) and has places at a number of Community nurseries. If you choose to use a University nursery, attendance patterns comprise:

2 day placements Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday
3 day placements Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday or Wednesday/Thursday/Friday
4 day placements Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday

5 day placements



Our Community nurseries can offer more flexible attendance patterns, for example half days. As above, your FTE will determine the number of days you are eligible to apply for. If you are employed on a variable hours contract, Childcare Services will require written confirmation of the minimum weekly guaranteed hours from your Department or College.

As a current member of staff, you can apply for a nursery place as soon as you know you are expecting a baby or have a child. Please note that all applications will be treated in the strictest confidence (in the event that you do not want to inform your department of a pregnancy just yet).

As a student, you can also apply once you know you are pregnant. You must have been offered and met all requirements for taking up a place at the University of Oxford.

If you are new to the University of Oxford and will require childcare when you arrive, but have yet to be given a SSO (single sign-on) log in, please contact us for a manual application form.

Please note that where parents are both staff and students, they are classed as staff for the purposes of their nursery application.

How do I apply?

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