The Childcare Services Team is pleased to announce that between now and 31st December 2021, we are able to offer parents whose children attend one of the five University of Oxford nurseries the opportunity to make a temporary booking pattern increase. For a limited period only, we will waive the usual eligibility criteria around the number of days per week children can attend our settings (generally in line with the number of days a parent works). For further details, please contact Charlotte Morley:

Our nurseries are popular and often over-subscribed. You may have heard rumours that it is hard to get a place, or that waiting lists are long. Whilst we cannot guarantee every applicant a place at their first choice of nursery, we have many happy parents and children.

We offer a total of 465 FTE places for eligible staff and students, 332 of which are in the University’s own nurseries. Our ratio of 1 nursery place per 30 members of University staff is significantly better than most other HEIs within the UK (the sector average for the Russell group is 1 place per 61 members of staff*). The average waiting time is currently just 35 days between requested start date and taking up a place.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your specific requirements and we can help point you in the right direction – we have oversight of where space may be available and always try and offer an alternative if we cannot meet your needs initially.

*2018 figures

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