Voluntary Contributions Fund

At present, Childcare Services support student parents by donating a percentage of the income generated through our sponsored priority scheme. However, we would like to do more to help both students and our lowest paid staff. We hope that those of you who are in a position to do so, and in particular those who pay higher rates of tax, may want to pass on some of these savings.
Parents can request a Direct Debit form from Childcare Finance and take the opportunity to contribute to the new fund on a monthly or yearly basis. Please note that all donations are entirely voluntary. All monies received will be distributed amongst our student/lower earning parent population, many of whom find funding the cost of high quality childcare extremely challenging. It is hoped that over time, those who benefit from the fund will go on to contribute themselves once their careers become more established.


Please do not hesitate to contact Jo Mason, Head of Childcare Services, if you have any queries regarding the new voluntary contributions fund. The University of Oxford remains committed to providing high quality, accessible and affordable early years care.

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