myHappymind in the University Nurseries

Children are encouraged to explore their personality, strengthen their relationships with friends and family, celebrate their achievements and more. The aim is for children to develop healthy behaviours they can carry throughout their nursery years and into adulthood.

What will my child be learning?
myHappymind is split into 5 modules, all designed to develop essential wellbeing skills in a fun and easy way:

  • MEET YOUR BRAIN Helping children to understand how their brains work, teaching them that their brains grow as they learn and introducing strategies for relaxing their minds
  • CELEBRATE Building children’s self-esteem through recognising and celebrating their character strengths
  • APPRECIATE Teaching children the importance of thinking about what we are grateful for and sharing it with others
  • RELATE Presenting relationship-building skills to ensure children have the foundations to form steady friendships, be heard and understand others
  • ENGAGE Introducing the power of goal setting to children to encourage aspirations, dreams and perseverance

How is myHappymind delivered?
The programme is delivered by the same nursery staff your child already knows. Where visiting tutors can only teach a couple of hours each week, nursery staff are able to build myHappymind activities into the children’s everyday routines. Their existing familiarity with the children and their knowledge of the nursery dynamic also contributes to the successful uptake and development of skills. Staff will attend comprehensive myHappymind training in order to deliver high-quality programmes.

Why has Bright Horizons chosen myHappymind?
We believe that positive mental wellbeing is good for everyone. myHappymind is holistic in its approach, offering guidance for parents and staff as well as children.
You can access a Parent Pack for each module your child learns at nursery, as well as an app with interactive exercises, quizzes and more.
Nursery staff will learn in parallel with the children, supported by myHappymind for You. This covers the exact same topics from an adult perspective.

We began implementing myHappymind on Saturday 8th February, where the staff team attended an interactive day, which offered an introduction to myHappymind. Staff were introduced to the 5 modules, attending a tutorial from the founder of myHappymind. Intros to the story books, characters, resources, and activities. The team will now work through the modules, one module per half a term. We will share updates and examples of the activities and experiences in our newsletter and through displays around the nursery, you will begin to hear your children reference the characters and their adventures, as the story books and adventures are shared.

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