Last Week at Triangle

Dear Parents and Carers,
Welcome to our weekly update.

This week we have been busy making our special flags for our diversity board. The children have really enjoyed using their hands and paint brushes to fill their own flags with lots of marks. We have also been celebrating Carnival through dressing up in lots of fun costumes and listening to Carnival music. Some of the babies are developing their physical skills and starting to cruise so we have had many table top activities out to entice the children up and help to build up their muscles.
Next Week in Acorns…
We are going to explore the book “Where’s Mrs Ladybird?” We will also explore many different media to create a splash art display board!
Why don’t you look through some special photos of friends and family together, talking about places that are special to your family and exploring traditions that you celebrate? This helps to instil a sense of identity and individuality.

This week we have been learning about shapes. We have been using crayons and chalks to draw shapes describing how they look as we form the marks. We used some bright paints to create shapes, helping the children to develop both fine & gross motor-skills by holding the paintbrush and using our arms to create big marks on the paper. We matched shape puzzles together to create the whole shape using some problem solving skills and we also had lots of fun moving our bodies to music using the shape song that our children love.
Next Week in Willows…
We will focus on gross motor-skills through activities such as balancing on soft-play, building large towers, exploring the bikes outside & dancing together.
We will also explore animals together to build up some more words in our vocabularies and through this will explore nature, habitats and sensory ‘mud’ play.

This week we have focused a lot on emotions through group times together. We have been singing songs together and asking how everyone is feeling each day. We have practiced our ‘happy’ faces as well as ‘sad’, ‘surprised’ and ‘excited’ faces too. We have also enjoyed creating some lovely picnics in the role-play area using the play food and pretended to feed the babies together.
Next Week in Hazels…
We will explore animals and their sounds through different songs and dancing. We will continue with emotions and talk about how actions can affect how we feel. For example – if we do not use our kind hands our friends will not feel sad. Why don’t you have a chat about emotions together and talk about what makes you feel happy and what makes you feel sad.

This week we have been learning about colour. The children have been playing colour sorting games where they had to arrange certain coloured objects into groups and matching some colours together. We enjoyed making marks with lots of different colours at the same time, learning about the colours that we used. We have also focused on fine motor-skills this week. We explored tweezers and how to manipulate them to pick up small objects. We used the new scissor scoops and learned how to scoop water and sand with them. We have been threading stones and spools onto strings and using string with some wooden threading frames. We used our fingers to pick up small toys and even had a focus on zipping up our coats!
Next Week in Oaks…
We will continue to explore colours together exploring what happens when we mix colours.
We will also start to learn about ‘left’ & ‘right,’ and how to follow directions such as “forward, backwards, left & right.”
Why don’t you combine colours & fine motor-skills and hold two or three coloured pencils together to make marks on some paper. You can practice making big marks & small marks, wavy & zig-zag patterns and even shapes. Talk about what you have made and describe how it looks to each other.

This week we have been talking about people who are special to us.
We carried out a fun STEAM activity this week using straws to blow bubbles in different liquids such as washing up liquid, water, oil etc.
We have been exploring musical instruments and the sounds they make – we even made our very own instruments using some junk modelling. We also made different sounds using our bodies by clapping, patting and clicking.
Next Week in Preschool…
We will be doing some exciting STEAM activities including a walking water activity.
We will be going on a short walk on Wednesday to look at the building site and talk about what the builders are doing and what we can see. We will take Candyfloss with us to keep us safe!

We hope you enjoyed reading our nursery newsletter.

Best wishes,
Adiel McKinven
Nursery Manager
Tel: 01865 767271

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