Last Week at Mansion House

Dear Parents and Carers,
Welcome to our weekly update.

What has been happening at nursery?
Each of our nursery rooms now have their Share o’ metre up on display. As a team we set goals to reach each week!
From the 27th February to 29th March join our reading revolution’ and ‘Share a Million Stories’! Talk to the team in your child’s room to share your story shares!

Baby Room
The children have enjoyed moving to the music this week. At different intervals of the day, individuals have pointed up to the CD player and bounced up and down to communicate that they would like the music. Once the music is turned on the children come closer, attempt to hold each other’s hands in a circle and bounce up and down together. The children found the torches from the shelf and waved them in the air, whilst looking up at the ceiling and dancing to the music. We turned the lights off to create a light show on the ceiling. As the children became engrossed in the torches the group divided. Alkinoos was determined to figure out how to turn the torch on and off by himself! After many attempts and lots of determination, he was able to do so! Kyro and Eir explored the lights on the table surface, moving the torch closer and further away from the table, and examining the changes that were happening.
Next Week in Baby Room…
We will be exploring light and dark in different capacities. We will continue to use the torches in our den and in the garden in the evening. We will explore colour mixing using black and white paints! Alongside, the team will support with descriptive language and narratives, to give our cause and affect actions meaning.

Toddler Room
In Toddler Room, we explored the colour box using puzzles, x-ray pictures and counters to create light shapes and patterns. The cube changes colour in intervals changing the patterns created; this was very exciting! It enabled the toddlers to see what happens when different colours mix to create a new colour and the change of shades. The staff team spoke about the x-ray images with a small group, talking about what it was they were looking at. We could see various animals of all shapes and sizes and their bones. This led onto lots of discussions about their own bodies. Children identified where their legs, arms and heads were and were able to compare how their features differed to those of a dog or a frog.

Next Week in Toddlers…
We plan to continue using the light box to engage children in number sequencing and counting, colour identification and problem solving by using the neon puzzle pieces.

Preschool Room
This week we have continued to enjoy reading stories in small key person groups. Together, each group would pick out what story they would like to read and discuss what they could recall, what their favourite parts were and what they felt the story meant. A new story we read this week was called ‘The Lion Inside’ which tells the tale of a little mouse that no one could hear and his adventure to find his ‘roar’ from the Lion. What he did discover was that ‘no matter your size, we all have a mouse and a lion inside’. This links in to last week’s focus on feelings and emotions. The children spoke about what makes them happy and sad at Nursery and were supported by a staff member to problem solve together about how we could make sure everyone has a fun and happy time. This is incredibly important, particularly with this age group, where friendships form and our differences become more apparent.
Next Week in Pre-School
We will be using various media to recreate characters or places from our favourite books and discussing why we chose these particular books. What did we like about them?

We hope you enjoyed reading our nursery newsletter.

Best wishes,

Kirsty Guilfoy

Nursery Deputy Manager

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