Last Week at Jack Straws Lane

Dear Parents and Carers,
Welcome to our weekly update.

Bunnies 1 Room
This week the children in the Bunnies 1 room have continued on their interest is their own bodies by participating in listening to music and creating movements. The children have been watching and following the instructions of the adults, creating different movements to various musical sounds and rhythms. The children have also been ball painting. The children were provided with balls of different sizes and textures, which they dipped in to different coloured paints. The children then rolled them across the paper to create marks.
Next Week
The children will continue to explore different types of media and materials that they can use to make marks.

Bunnies 2 Room
This week the children have continued with their interest in transport by using different small world modes of transport in the water. The children really enjoyed gliding the boats across the water and making different noises that they associate with that mode of transport. The children have also been focusing on becoming aware of their feelings. The children used mirrors to explore different expressions such as happy and sad. The children have also been using larger white board pens to make marks on a white board. This has supported their balance, fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.
Next Week
The children will listen carefully to different sounds and attempt to identify the type of transport that creates these sounds. 

Hedgehogs Room
This week the children have been using their green fingers whilst doing some gardening. The children were provided with small plastic cups, some soil and some seeds. The children used their hands, and a small spade to shovel the soil into their cups. The children used great hand eye coordination, and fine motor skills to sprinkle their seeds across the soil as evenly as they could! The children have since been discussing what plants need to grow and what they will look like.
Next Week
Following on the children’s interest in growing and gardening, the children will be continuing with discussions surrounding the question ‘what happens next?’

Badgers Room
This week the Preschool children created a ‘sensory farm’. This was created using materials of different textures, such as Weetabix for mud and Rice Krispies for bark, twigs and leaves! The children participated in discussion about the farm they had created, and why they chose those products to represent the parts of a farm. The children have also been baking their own cheese twists and cheese straws. The children put their measuring, cutting and hand eye coordination to the test as the created their wonderful bakery products, the smell was wonderful!
Next Week
The children will be continuing their learning and understanding of our new programme Boogie Mites.

Best wishes,
Bryony Bennett
Nursery Manager
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