Last Week at Bradmore

Dear Parents and Carers,
Welcome to our weekly update.

This week the babies have had lots of fun exploring the garden with the different weather elements we have experienced within the last few days. When it was wet and windy they got dressed up in their all- in one suits and enjoyed splashing in the puddles and exploring the texture of the mud. They also enjoyed listening to the noise of the wind flowing through the trees and bushes which sparked interest in other noises they could hear such as an aeroplane flying over or the sound of birds chirping. For the younger babies they enjoyed lying down on their back and looking up towards the sky, watching the clouds float and birds fly by.

They have also enjoyed exploring their creative flare this week by participating in a range of activities such as using the full fist grip chalks in the garden, and the full fist grip crayons inside on some paper. They also explored sticking with a variety of resources for them to touch and feel before sticking them onto some paper to create their own collages, enhancing their sensory development and hand eye coordination. Lastly they created some lovely colourful paintings with the paint sticks, using their fine motor skills to grip onto the stick and their gross motor skills to push it around the page creating a variety of different marks. As they were doing this the adults provided them with a running commentary of the colours they were using and the shapes they were creating.

Next week in Babies, we will be looking at the different kinds of transport we see around us each day.

Toddler Ones
This week the children in Toddler Ones have shown a big interest in shapes. To follow this interest we have enjoyed creating marks using different shapes and different colours of paint. The children were encouraged to print with shapes onto paper, and whilst doing this they enjoyed naming the different colours and shapes they were using. From this, we went on to have a group shape hunt in the garden where we hid different shapes and encouraged the children to run around the garden collecting and sorting the different shapes they found. We also enjoyed using the coloured shapes within the room and joining them together to create our own structures. Some of us made trains whilst others made houses. This then sparked conversation about our families/who lives with us. We spoke about those who have siblings and enjoyed looking at and sharing our family books, pointing to those who are important to us. We also enjoyed sticking different shapes onto paper creating our very own bugs and insects. We looked at the different shapes of legs, arms, and wings that each insect has and enjoyed creating our own.

We have also enjoyed learning a new song ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’. During singing time, the children were asked to pick up two sticks, which encouraged them to use their listening and mathematical skills. As the song was playing, the children banged the sticks together in response to the music/tick-tock sound. We listened for the mouse to run up the clock, lifting our arms into the air and banging the sticks together. Then as the mouse ran down, we quickly moved our sticks down at the same time! The children continued to sing this song throughout the week using different items around the room to bang to create the tick-tock noise.

Toddler Twos
This week the Toddler Twos have shown an interest in a range of different areas, which has allowed the staff to follow interests and develop learning opportunities in order to allow the children to have and lot of fun whilst learning through their play. The children were given the opportunity to take part in some science activities. We provided them with small pipettes and water which allowed them to challenge their fine motor skills by squeezing the pipette in the water and filling it up. After this, they were able to push the end together to squirt the water. They had a great time doing this when they realised they would create bubbles in the water which they all tried to grab and pop. After this, the children began to work on their scissor skills. They were shown how to pass scissors to their friends carefully and then they were provided with paper to be completely free with whatever they wanted to make. Some children made patterns with their scissors and cut little snippets out of the paper whereas others decided to do some more sophisticated cutting and create some shapes. Andreas showed all of his friends and said “look it’s a shape! It’s a triangle!”

In addition, this week the Toddler Twos have been exploring health and self-care. A lot of the children are now becoming very independent in tasks such as washing hands so it is important to remind them all of the important things we all need to do to keep ourselves healthy and away from nasty germs. As well as this, the children and staff have been discussing how we can keep ourselves healthy by making sure we eat well and drink plenty of water. The children began to name different fruits and vegetables that they enjoy eating at home and at nursery but they also said it’s okay to have a small treat every now and again!

Finally, the children have shown a large interest in building with blocks, Lego and other resources around the room that they could stack on top of each other. Incorporated with maths, this activity was a great way of helping the children learn how to balance things whilst also counting how many blocks high they could make their towers. Some of the children were provided with physical copies of numerals so that they could pick the correct number and place it next to their tower, stating how many blocks were within it.
Next week in Toddler Twos, children will be getting their creative hats on and will be taking part in lots of different arts and craft activities to enhance their imagination and creative thinking abilities.


This week in Pre-School the children have enjoyed creating lots of different artwork. For this, they have been exploring different ways to create marks and staff have offered innovative ways of encouraging this. For example, they attached paper to the underneath of tables to offer children a different experience - whilst laying on their backs they enjoyed stretching up and painting above them. The children called it ‘upside down painting’, and they then talked amongst themselves about how life would be if everything were upside down! They considered that walking on our heads would be very hard so it is best to stay the right way up. The children enjoyed talking about the things they were painting this encouraged them to explore their imaginative play and giving the marks they made a meaning such as a ‘house’ or a ‘horse’.

In addition, this week the children in Pre-School have shown an interest in calculators. From this, they enjoyed learning about adding and subtracting using written numbers and number lines to support their understanding. They were provided with a small bear and a number line; they then placed the bear on a chosen number and were given a number to either add to or subtract away. Once given the number the children enjoyed making the bear jump forwards or backwards on the number line and shouting out the number the bear landed on. They then took these equations to the calculator and enjoyed pressing the buttons and working out how it works.

Next week the Pre-Schoolers will continue looking at numbers and equations expanding on using the calculators and the numbers lines to support their understanding on how this works.

Kind Regards,
Jordanne Collins
Nursery Manager
01865 554064 

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