Giving Every Child the Best Start in Life

This week, the Duchess of Cambridge launched a UK-wide survey to help improve early childhood. The ‘5 Big Questions’ aims to bring together the thoughts of individuals, organisations and businesses to create a national conversation on the under-fives in order to build the healthiest generation in history and give every child the best start in life.

In the survey, participants are asked for their opinion on five areas: what they believe is most important for children growing up to live a happy adult life; whose responsibility it is to give children the best chance of health and happiness; the impact parents and carers’ mental health has on a child’s development; what influences children’s development; and which period of a child and young person’s life is the most important for health and happiness in adulthood.

The findings from the survey will be used to provide important data for all those working in early years, and inform the work of the Duchess of Cambridge in the future. On the Royal Foundation website, the Duchess says “so many of society’s greatest social and health challenges, and the inter-generational cycle of disadvantage, could be mitigated or entirely avoided by providing the right support for children in the earliest years in life.”

The survey will be open until 21 February and individuals can complete the survey by clicking here

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