Covid-19 FAQ's

Below are some frequently asked questions, which will be updated as the situation changes. During the Covid-19 outbreak most of our nurseries will be closed until we receive government advice that it is safe to reopen. Our Woodstock Road nursery remains open for children of key workers only. We strongly suggest that you keep your children at home if at all possible, if you do need a key worker space during this time please contact Childcare Services directly at .

I have just got my pay slip and have still been charged. I thought that fees had been cancelled.

Please remember that nursery fee payments are made in arrears and as such, fees for March were collected at the end of March. For Bright Horizons University nursery attendees, the fee payment for the week commencing 23rd March will be held as a credit against your account until the nurseries reopen. 


Will I need to pay fees even though my child's nursery is closed?

No. We have suspended all fees for our University nurseries, and many of our Community nurseries have done the same. We will cancel salary sacrifice payments and direct debits and so there is no need for you to take any action. Once the nurseries have reopened, we will resume collecting fees.


My child is due to start nursery imminently. What do I do?

As our nurseries are currently closed due to Covid-19, we will hold your place until we are able to reopen. You will not be billed for this time period and we will work with you to arrange settling in sessions for your child as normal life resumes. If you have keyworker status, please contact us directly for further assistance.


I am a keyworker due to return to work after maternity leave. Can my child still have a place in nursery?

Please contact us directly to discuss your specific requirements. If you are a keyworker, you will be able to utilize a place in one of our hub nurseries. We will work with you to find the most suitable location.


I don't need Childcare Vouchers now my child is not in nursery. How do I cancel them?

Please note that all University of Oxford Childcare Vouchers are administered by Computershare. If you log into your online account, you will be able to amend the amount you pay in each month. Please bear in mind that in order to keep your account active, you need to pay in a minimum of £20 per rolling calendar year. Additionally, once you have left the Childcare Voucher scheme, you will not be able to rejoin. As vouchers can be used for a number of after school clubs, play and sports schemes, including for older children, it could be worth retaining your account and paying in the minimum each month.

For any other queries about Childcare Vouchers please contact Computershare directly on 0345 002 1111 or via email:


I was expecting to receive an offer of a nursery place. What happens now?

We appreciate that many parents apply in advance for nursery places in order that they have childcare lined up for when they return to work. We are working hard to ensure that offers will continue to be made for the summer period, taking into account the uncertainties that Covid-19 has brought with it. As life gradually begins to return to normal, we will take a phased approach to nursery entry, beginning with those children who are already enrolled, and then moving on to new starters. We will communicate with parents individually as and when we know more about when we can reopen.


Can I still join the waiting list?

Yes, please use our online portal to create an application and this will be added to our waiting list in the usual way.


Should I change my start date because of the coronavirus outbreak?

We would advise you not to do this at present. We assume that all parents on our waiting list whose start dates are missed due to Covid-19 will still want childcare once the outbreak has passed. As such, when we come to offer places, we will work our way down the waiting list based on date of application and start date required, as we would do normally. Moving your start date back may inadvertently cause you to be offered a place later than you require one.


My plans have changed since the Covid-19 outbreak. Can I change my application?

Yes, you are more than welcome to change your application in a number of ways, for example days in nursery required, your nursery choices or the name of the parent who will pay nursery fees. These changes will not affect you place on our waiting list as this is determined by the date when an application is made. The more accurate your application is, the more likely we will be to make you an offer that meets your needs.


I am having difficulty reaching the Childcare Services team.

Please bear with us. We are currently working from home, some of us around caring for our own children, and so there may be a slight delay in responding to your query. Dropping us an email is the best way to keep in touch, so please use the address and we will respond as quickly as we are able to.